Alter Boy is a newly formed Queerlectro-pop group from Perth, WA. Formed in 2019, the band is fronted by Molly/Aaron; a trans, gay, Hard-of-Hearing artist who alternates between Australian sign language (Auslan) and spoken English. 
The band incorporates Auslan translators and interpreters who perform the songs at live shows. Live shows comprise theatrical performance, signing, dance and choreography, costume and Auslan. The group’s aim is to promote inclusion and accessibility for differently abled, neurologically diverse and socially marginalised communities; working predominantly at the intersection of LGBTQIA+ and Deaf/HoH. 

WORKSHOP: Music without Barriers – Accessibility in Music and Live Performance

Music Without Barriers will explore creative new ways of reaching Deaf and disabled audiences. Musicians can find themselves intimidated by accessibility, but we want to remind them that ‘attitude is everything’. The workshop will encourage bands, audiences, events managers, and venue operators alike to rethink “disability’ beyond the medical model, and to discuss how access can be of benefit to the music business, with an upsurge of new patrons entering and accessing spaces that were previously restricting or inaccessible.

(Note: This workshop will be Auslan interpreted).