Bec Sandridge

With a beat that evokes the pulse of an animal on the loose, Bec Sandridge’s new single ‘Animal’ is futuristic art pop with a punk mentality.

Sandridge independently released the new track
A sound that echoes its title, ‘Animal’ is built around what makes Sandridge a one-off; essential components of melodrama, stabbing guitar swagger and her voice – every phrase and nuance coaxing us along like a steadfast and weighty magnet.

Sandridge describes the song as “the only true (ish) love song I’ve ever written” and is not afraid of asking herself what it means to be destructive and in love simultaneously, exploring the influence of internal anxieties and external doubts from friends and family.

Sandridge is staking her claim to be heard as a nomadic pop-punk artist, catapulting herself onto the world stage.