~Birth Doula, a spiritual/emotional companion to a mother and father during pregnancy/birth/postpartum.

My name is Mailee Dunn, I am a trained Birth Doula. I have made it my life’s mission to encourage our connection with Ancient Birth Power, repairing the modern days damaged perception of birth. I am an advocate of Intuitive Freebirth & Homebirth. My vision is to support a network of women who have similar beliefs. How we give birth, and the experience we have, isn’t just a matter of luck or having the best medical attendants. We can all choose to give birth in peace, painlessly and with pleasure.  “If we are to heal the planet, we must begin by healing birth”.~Agnes Sallet Von Tannenberg

WORKSHOP: Ancient Birth, Modern World

Welcoming both women and men to an insightful presentation into the life of a Birth Doula. We will discuss the history of birth and birth cultures from around the world. Comparing and revealing that Australia’s maternity care is behind the 8ball, with birth trauma rates for mothers at a high percentage. Questioning the medical systems practises. We will talk at length on how to avoid trauma. Knowing Your Birth Rights in a hospital setting is paramount. This presentation is to remind us that birth is sacred/primal/intuitive. There will be space for Q&A.

WORKSHOP: Birth Circle/Woman’s Circle

Welcoming the Daughters, the Mothers, the Grandmothers to come and joyfully sit together as Women. Let us share insights of all things feminine. Sharing stories of pregnancy & birth, swapping knowledge of Sacred Fertility & Moontime. I will share my story of Intuitive Freebirth. Along with my experience of elimination communication/nappy free baby. We shall put forward our fears, have them slayed with the Wise Woman’s reason. Let the grandmothers insights be recognised by the young. Let us women remedy each others souls, as We Women have done for aeons. Let us walk away feeling our most intuitive, intelligent, powerful selves that We Women have been for thousands of years, carrying that essence with us for whatever our lives shall offer.