From a simple upbringing in a little Australian beach town in NSW to travelling the world on stage after joining Kasey Chambers band at just 19 years old as her guitar player, Brandon Dodd-now 24-has already experienced more than most musicians dream of in a lifetime. 
Spending the last 5 years in many different countries, cultures and visiting almost every city and remote town in Australia, Brandon joined Kasey’s band back in 2014 and has immersed himself in music and travel ever since. 

It was inevitable that this would lead to his own diverse solo project filled with stories in songs from all kinds of inspiration. 
Also fronting the alternative blues/rock band Grizzlee Train – winners of 2015 Byron Bay Bluesfest Busking Comp-for 6 years, Brandon’s guitar playing & singing have already been established,his eclectic styles & influences have been explored but on his debut solo album ‘What A Way To Die’ is where his songwriting really shines. 

His sudden change in lifestyle from a straightforward Aussie upbringing to a unique life on the road across the world is evident in both lyrics & sounds throughout this record. 
From the unique sounds and depth in lyrics of the opening track ‘Absolute’ to the raw, heartfelt alt country duet with Kasey Chambers on ‘like a diamond’, Brandon shows another side of himself along with his obvious love of Blues and edgy rock guitar sounds that will make you wonder if this young musician has a soul much older than his years suggest.