Creekside Reggae Band are from the remote Aboriginal community of Warakurna in Western Australia, with a population of around 200 people. Their community is situated next to a dry creek bed, which was the inspiration for their band name.

Jeoffrey Yungut learned acoustic guitar from his brother Tim Jackson when he was 10 years old. Jeffrey is the songwriter and enjoys telling stories through music. He sings in Ngaayatjarra and English, and his songs are about family, love, homeland and the landscapes of central Australia.

They’ve performed recently at lots of sports carnivals around the desert like in Jamieson, Blackstone, Warakurna, Warburton, Docker River and the NG Festival in Wingellina. Their ages range from 17-24 years old, with five of the band members playing football for the Kangaroos team of Warakurna, and some enjoying basketball and soccer. Jeoffrey manages the music centre in Warakurna, which is also where the band rehearse almost every day. Some of the band have also been involved with other local bands such as Wanarn Sunset Band and Warburton Band.

They grew up listening to reggae music like Lucky Dube, Bob Marley and a bit of country music too. Their favourite bands to listen to at the moment are Tjintu Desert Band, Saltwater Band and Nabarlek. They have been performing together since 2013 and recorded their debut self-titled album at CAAMA Music in June 2015, featuring nine songs. They are looking forward to writing more songs, touring Western Australia and performing for more communities around Central Australia.