3:00pm-5:00pm Sunday in the Playground

The Nannup Emerging Artists Award began with a generous bequeath from Melissa Raser, a beautiful musician who performed at Nannup and believed in the support of emerging artists. We continue this legacy as it is a strong part of what we believe in: supporting and exposing emerging artists.

Each year ten artists get selected/voted to perform two original songs to a supportive audience. The Emerging Artists Award winners get recording time with Lee Buddle at Crank Recording and recording time with James Newhouse at Real2Reel (thanks to Totally Sound, our fantastic sound crew) . Massive thanks to our sponsors for their support and for sharing our vision.

Previous winners include Karin Page, Loren Kate, The Tommyhawks, Minnie Marks, Dan Howls, The Broadbent Brothers, Jake Hatch, Jack Davies & The Bush Chooks…


There will be 10 entrants in our 2019 Nannup Emerging Artists Award. Eight have been selected from successful applications:

Death By Denim
Farraday’s Cage
Finn Pearson
Frank’s Fish Tank
Little Row of Housez
Mitchell Ballardin
The Happy Girls
The Younglings

The other two will be the winners of our Friday night Busking Competition. With thanks to Nannup Music Club Inc. and our incredible sponsors, each artist is in the running for recording with Lee Buddle at Crank Recording and James Newhouse from Real2Reel (thanks to Totally Sound). Winners will be selected from an industry pool of judges, no longer is it a public vote.