Leonie Kingdom is an emerging Indie-folk Artist from South East Queensland. She specialises in Acoustic Guitar, Singing, Song writing and Live Performance. Leonie’s Style could be described as Emotional, Dark, and even Haunting. Leonie has held herself as an artist and performed music for many years. Though it was the recent release of her first single ‘Night Terrors’ that hit number one on the Triple J unearthed charts and it’s feature in channel 9’s Doctor Doctor, season 3, episode 7, that gained her attention around the globe. Nkechi Anele (triple j Roots N All host) described Leonie’s voice as ‘Sweet like honey, yet dark and mysterious in all the right ways’.

Leonie most recently released her latest song ‘Rhubarb’. Rhubarb is often made to mature and forced to grow in dark places during off seasons. Rhubarb grows the darkest of places and this song is a metaphor that. Sometimes we do our best growing in the darkest places. Feeling as though you are physically exhausted, alone and lost doesn’t have to mean darkness, it can mean growth too.

Leonie wrote Rhubarb during one of her darkest times. Feeling like nothing was ever good enough, that the world was against her and having an overwhelming sense of defeat. Impressively, Rhubarb was written and created in under 10 minutes from the words and feelings, Leonie had been bottling up for months. But from this darkest time, Leonie used those emotions to create music and to continue to grow.

To date, Leonie has performed at Groovin The Moo, Tamworth music festival, The Gympie Muster, Heart of gold International film festival, Queenscliff music festival, Spirit of Bundaberg Festival, Ocean festival, alongside many other events around Australia. Leonie’s debut EP Night Terrors was recorded at Pacific International Studio’s located in her home town, Hervey Bay.