Matt Checksfield lives on a typical urban block in Coolbellup where he has setup numerous Permaculture based systems for food production.  These include aquaponics, food forests, ducks, bees, chickens, grey water systems, wicking beds and mushroom cultivation.  He is a consultant electrical engineer by day and brings this systems based approach to his permaculture practice.  Matt was bitten by the mushroom growing bug and has never looked back, given the health benefits of eating fresh home grown mushrooms, together with the taste and bonus by-product of good compost.  This makes growing mushrooms at home a great addition to a home food production system   He shares his passion for gardening, permaculture and education to enable others to successfully grow their own food.

Jodie Vennitti started her permaculture journey over 6 years ago, in line with undertaking a Bachelor of Sustainability.  In this time, Jodie has set up her Coolbellup property as a productive urban farm and frequently hosts tours.   Jodie is also a finalist for the 2018 UN Environmental Action Award for her contribution to raising community awareness around our food systems. Jodie is the founder of Food is Free Coolbellup, Co Convener of Fremantle Permaculture, runs the local Swap and Share and is a regular guest speaker at Bunnings.  Jodie’s passion is to raise awareness around issues with our current agricultural systems and encourage people to start producing more at home.  Growing mushrooms at home is a great way to start this journey, requiring only a small amount of space, is easy to do with children and helps reduce household costs.  Mushroom growing, once started become addictive.

WORKSHOP: Grow your Own Oyster Mushrooms at Home

This workshop will demonstrate how to grow your own oyster mushrooms at home.  Using commonly available materials you’ll get to make up your own fruiting bag to take with you and grow fresh nutritious and tasty oyster mushrooms at home.  You’ll also learn how to create more mushroom spawn from existing oyster mushroom stems to make even more fruiting bags and mushrooms.  Numbers are limited so please sign up in advance to secure your spot.