I am a Sound Healer & Musician from Broome. I have a passion for the law of Vibration which governs the known Universe. Everything vibrates! Our energy ‘bodies’ need constant tune-ups just like a guitar does and sound healing it great to reset and renew! 
Everyone has their own unique journey with sound healing and I believe everyone gets the experience that they need at the time! 
With my sound healings I different instruments such as Crystal and Tibetan bowls, rainstick, drums, shakers, chimes, bells, gong & more. I like to guide people into a deep expansive state before I begin and together we go on a journey!

WORKSHOP: Sound Healing

Lay back and allow the frequencies from the shamanic drum, Tibetan & crystal bowls, voice, chimes, gong, shakers & more to wash over and through you sending you into deep relaxation. Feel clear, balanced & aligned. Sound is powerfully penetrating which makes it a great healer. Please bring something to lay on; yoga mat, towel or rug and anything else for your comfort. You’re also welcome to sit if you prefer.