As the spring finally emerges, the weather reminds us of the beautiful summer time celebrations which happen here at the Festival. We are in sight now of another wonderful weekend and can’t wait to share what we have been creating.

We have a great collection – Eclection of music coming and trust that there will be new favourites found. Solos, duos, bands and buskers… Rock, Folk, Blues, Country, Reggae – Mellow, Loud, Dreamy and Danceable…a really diverse mix.

There are a few changes happening too. Along with all our favourite spaces, we are working on encouraging movement to our beautiful Blackwood River. We will have an Art Trail walk, with a selection of sculptures to see as you meander, a space with Wildcraft workshops and the inclusion of Fervor Foods doing a very special Saturday night meal (tickets sold separately).

We will be having lots of great panels and workshops, not just on music, but also on Mental, Environmental and Sexual health – lots to learn from and share in. There will be Trapeze workshops and performances happening at the Amphitheatre, Street shows and rovers. And possibly even a marriage or two – Yep – Marriage! (Let us know if you want to be wed).

We have swapped what’s happening in the venues a little: we are quietening down the Depot – where workshops will be happening – and are creating a shady garden vibe, with a new licensed venue at Tigerville. The Playground will now be ticketed.  Same old fantastic venue, with loads of great music and family craft and activities. For those that love the free stuff, it’s still here; The Hotel and The Blackwood Café will still have free live music, and the street will still be full of fantastic stalls, delicious foods and entertainment. But really – a ticket will get you in anywhere so if you love a mix of music a ticket is the best way to go.

Stall applications are still open, as is the River Art Trail, and Volunteer registrations open alongside Tickets on the 1st of November. All current information will be available on the web when Ticket sales open.

It’s all about to begin!
Can’t wait to see you in March. 3rd – 6th, Labour day long weekend.
Take good care and enjoy every moment!