Sevenhurtz formed by Brenton Meynell on the Gold Coast in 2005 after a bet with workmate James Freud From the Models. James said Brenton and Brad couldn’t get a good original band together in a week and perform at The Waterloo in Brisbane for the first sold out Elston Records Show with Transport and The Wall of Sound.

The Boys proved him wrong and with Sevenhurtz 2014 Album Room of Confusion and new one on the way your bound to see them soon!

Barefoot Bands Presentation

This will be a presentation of the Work Drew Goddard (Karnivool) And Brenton Meynell (sevenhurtz) have been doing in the desert with the local artists with a giveaway to attendees of cds of the music they have produced.

Barefoot Bands came about when Drew joined sevenhurtz for the Golden Gift weekend in Leonora. The local musicians joined Sevenhurtz with Drew on stage and performed their own originals for the first time.