The Nannup Music Festival engages directly with the challenge of environmental sustainability through its Green Steps initiative.

The lack of recycling infrastructure in the regional town of Nannup is a problem which gets accentuated during the Festival when approximately up to 10,000 people visit our town. We constantly seek solutions to reduce the Festival’s waste and we love creating opportunities to inform and educate our audience on environmental issues.

Our aim is to take a few green steps further every year and to eventually put the Nannup Music Festival at the forefront of environmentally friendly event management.

Our Green Steps so far:

imagesWe try to source local products and services as much as possible thus reducing their carbon footprint.

imagesWe incorporate environmentally themed talks and workshops into our program.

imagesWe provide all our artists with free stainless steel Nannup Music Festival water bottles.

images We have partnered with Event-Carpool in an effort to promote ride sharing and reduce carbon emissions related to our Festival.

images In 2015, we implemented our ongoing “Refill & Re-hydrate” project funded by Keep Australia BeautifulWA. The project saw the set-up of three water refill stations over the Festival site and a drastic reduction of plastic single-use water bottles that would otherwise end up into landfill.

imagesIn 2017 and with funding again from Keep Australia Beautifu WA we introduced our also ongoing “Serving the Planet, One Meal at a Time” project. It includes the use of 100% washable and reusable crockery and cutlery as well as that of a wash-down station for our Bush Breakfast which serves over 1,000 breakfasts to patrons and volunteers over the Festival weekend. In this way, we  have eliminated the number of food and beverage containers related to our Festival breakfast and we are practically showcasing the use of 100% waste free serving alternatives in the hope of affecting attitudes and behaviours in the community.

imagesAlso in 2017, we introduced new Food Stalls guidelines; they involve the use of biodegradable/compostable takeaway cutlery, meal and beverage containers as well as organic waste composting by all food traders. With our stall holders’ help, we’re hoping to significantly reduce the unnecessary waste generated by all of us enjoying their delicious treats over the Festival weekend.