Fronted by leggy Lizzie Mack and her brother in soul, (much-loved ex-Red Wiggle) Murray Cook, The Soul Movers rockin’ soul and groovy blues section include Andy Newman (The Visitors) and Marko Simec (Waiting For Guinness) with Stuart Wilson (Loose Pills) on drums. Consummate musicians with a passion for all things Soul, their live show delivers in spades with fans right across the musical age spectrum. The Soul Movers are back with a brand-new album, Bona Fide. Recorded across seven legendary studios in the USA, the album crackles with the intensity of a band at the peak of their powers.

You want a word to describe the Soul Movers? How about electric? Earning their stripes as one of Australia’s hardest working bands, the foursome took their brand of soul to the USA and have brought back an album that will stop you in your tracks. 
Having blown fans away at recent East Coast festivals with folks running to center stage to get into the action, The Soul Movers prove that age holds no barriers when it comes to good music. The young-uns love em’ the middle-aged ones love em’ and nothing is cooler than watching this mixed but equally passionate crowd shake it up with unbridled love for this exciting recipe of soul, rock and popin’ blues music.