Áine Tyrrell - Children's Tin Whistle Workshop

Tin Whistle is a great introductory instrument to learning Irish Music. With its simplicity of notes and ease of being able to make a note, all children enjoy success in a short time. With a very easy number notation and listening by ear approach, children are able to master some tunes in a short session. All that is needed is a smile!


APRA AMCOS Songwriter Speaks is an amazing opportunity to hear some of the best songwriters speak about their craft. This is always a special and intimate part of Nannup Music Festival. Past festival guest speakers have included Passenger, Jordie Lane & Claire Bowditch. Join us for another spectacular guest line up for 2019 with William Crighton and Aine Tyrrell.


"archer will giv an formal workshop in the mystic art of songwriting. In silence.


Join Art Jam to contribute to our mural or make your own artwork to take home, using as many materials as we can! This all ages workshop is for those who want to be creative, but don't know how to 'art'.


Whether you're a folk, rock, jazz or electronic artist, music production plays a vital role in the how people experience your music. Come and learn the basics behind electronic music and all the creative possibilities it offers using just a laptop. This will be an introduction to mus ic production including prog ramming drums, writing melodies and chords, synthesising sounds, audio processing, mixing and producing a track.


The Ballpoint Penguins set out to write political satire but always end up writing about the joys and pratfalls of food obses sion. So this is the musical equivalent of Tim Minchin lobbing a cream pie in the face of Gordon Ramsay. Unfortunately, if you la ugh too hard, Coca - Cola (or gin and tonic) will come out your nose. Try not to do that.

CHILDREN OF THE TIDE - Precision with Lord Dazastah

Lord Dazastah presents a precision workshop, tips & techniques on the use of electronic precision equipment such as MPC ect.


Diana from the Essential Essence has a background in the Arts and Aromatherapy and loves facilitating fun workshops combining the two for people of all ages and abilities. She is joined by her sister Karen from Ketchup Clothes (UK based) for the Nannup Music Festival and together they will run some awesome Aroma Arts workshops using essential oils, recycled and natural materials.


Diane Evers, Greens South West MLC, invites you to a discussion from the heart about encouraging young people and families to live in – and love – the South West. She will explore opportunities and obstacles with an aim to open up the country for a rural revival. Since election in 2017, Diane has spoken on issues such as protection of native forest (including the ongoing fight to save old-growth forest in nearby Barrabup); compensation for non -GM farmers; opposition to shark drum lines; support for appropriate, environmentally safe, mining; prevention of inappropriate development; secure funding for Community Resource Centres; development of bushfire mitigation plans; support for regenerative farming, hemp growers, plantation timber and the honeybee industry; and more. Diane is dedicated to representing South West communities and building a sustainable future for all of us.

Dingo's Breakfast Oz Music & Poetry Band - WEAVER OF DREAMS

The story of Jack Sorensen, Western Australia's iconic fighting poet and balladist. Kalgoorlie born, raised on a Maida Vale orchard, Jack became a gun shearer in the NW sheds, a journeyman journalist in the Kalgoorlie goldfields, and a machine gun instructor during WW2. The standard introduction of our hero was "this bloke's a poet, but look out, he can fight too". Jack was one of the great chroniclers of the working people of WA during it's most dynamic era.


Begin your exploration into weaving and learn how to make a basket using cane. During the class Fiona will also teach you how to recognise and harvest other plant materials so you can continue on your own weaving journey.

Fourth StatE - Sequencing Synthesisers For Live Performance

How to work within a sequencer to create unpredictable patterns and beat manipulation. Learn to use external midi controllers within analogue synthesizers instead of a using a laptop on stage and extend creativity in your live set.

Frank's Fish Tank - Frank plucks the claw hammer banjo and sings with a voice from another time

Half 70s half classical renaissance. Angelically she belts out classic old-time folk songs about real stuff i.e. dead trees, wide river banks and black coffee. Accompanied by her sister Racoo (Salary) on Fiddle. They grew up singing and playing on the kitchen table together in Albany with the rest of their musical idler family.

Gertrude WellEase

Gertrude WellEase will be roving around the Festival in her meet and greet capacity. Got a question? Need a Blessing? Gertrude is at your service, ready to create your personalised spoken or sung blessing.

INDIGO CIRCLES - Nature Weaving Workshop

Weave wonderful things found in nature with trinkets and colour to create a magnificent wall hanging that will be treasured for years to come. Please note there is limited capacity, so get in early for your place.

Jess Beckerling - FORESTS FOR LIFE

Jess Beckerling is the convener and campaign director of Forests for Life. Jess has lived in the forests on the south coast for the past 13 years. She first became involved in forest conservation in 1997 when she joined the Giblett forest blockade near Pemberton. Jess lived in forest blockade camps for 3 years, winning the State Government's Youth Leadership Award in recognition of her commitment to the maintenance of nonviolence in the camps. As well as forest conservation Jess has played an important role in local conservation issues around Denmark and Walpole. She has been the convener of WAFA since 2011 and was awarded the Conservation Council's Bessie Rischbieth award in 2015 for her commitment over many years to the protection of the environment.


Kerrie-Ann (K-A) Garlick is the nuclear free campaigner at the Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) and has been campaigning on this issue for over two decades. K-A is managing a Supreme Court Case where CCWA and three Traditional Owners are challenging the WA Environment Minister over a uranium project that has been given environmental approval that would ‘knowingly’ cause extinction of multiple unique species. Come and find out more about this court case.

KARIN PAGE - Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop

This workshop provides a variety of tools to slow down your mind and embrace the endless possibilities of being the best possible version of yourself. Learn different ways to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life and how to manifest an abundant life full of positive energy. Perfect for people of all ages and all walks of life, as having a positive mindset plays an extremely important part in the success of every day life.


Kate Kelly is one of WA’s most experienced, respected and successful environmental campaigners. Kate holds the role of Senior Advisor at the Conservation Council of WA and her work involves collaborating and working on many issues including state regulatory and legislative frameworks. Kate also manages the Clean State campaign which is tackling the drivers of climate change and GHG emissions in WA. Come and find out more about her work at this interactive forum.


The Kohesia Ensemble presents an exciting workshop on Persian music, introducing you to some traditional instruments, rhythms and scales. Experience how these elements can combine with jazz through a shared emphasis on improvisation.


Period preacher, Lucy Peach is changing the world one period at a time. Hilarious, heartfelt and always informative, Peach is joined by her husband Richard who creates live illustrations to bring her menstrual messages to life. Witness the proof, the capes and the “pitch perfect voice” (The Music) to learn how to life hack your menstrual cycle from a curse into your ‘Greatest Period Ever.’ "I wish I had a period," - bloke, post show. "This changes everything!"- Mia Freedman.

Mambali - Music & Culture workshop

Mambali offer participants a unique insight into their music and culture through their workshops. Participants are taken on a journey from ancient culture to modern contemporary music and how both these aspects of Arnhem land Indigenous life work together. You will be asked to actively participate, as the workshop facilitators teach their audience the mysteries of the Devil dance and the complexity of combining traditional culture with modern instruments. And of course you will be given a master - class by a master player of the lumbilpil (didgeridoo).


Mand and fellow artist Teresa Richards will be creating bound straw animals. Come along and learn to wrap straw and create your own creature. Loads of fun. Mind if you have “hay fever”.


Learn how to create your own upcycled bags from recycled materials. Using scraps of old fabric, garden fencing and found objects, we will use simple weaving techniques to create beautiful, functional and wearable works of art.

Ripple Effect Band - Celebrating all the languages of Maningrida

Language is a vital part of cultural identity and is celebrated in 2019 by the United Nations Year of Indigenous Languages. Ripple Effect Band sing in 5 different Aboriginal languages from their community of Maningrida. Maningrida is rated as one of the most multi-lingual places in the world and the people daily switch between languages, including a unique sign language system used throughout the top end of Australia. Come along to this workshop to learn more about these languages, how to pronounce them, how to say some useful phrases and even some of the common sign language gestures to communicate without words. The song Ngúddja is written in Ndjébbana language and is dedicated to celebrating all the languages of Maningrida. At the workshop you will have a chance to learn to sing this song with expert language teachers.


Bill and Claire are co-authors of "Freo Groove" a new book that celebrates Fremantle's rich musical culture across the decades. The book is the result of three years of work by the pair and is being released by UWA Publishing in July 2018. With words and photographs, the book provides a window into the world of 30 musicians. Bill and Claire would be happy to put together a special presentation on the book for Nannup Festival, providing an unique insight into the idea behind the book, the stories that surprised them and what kept them writing.

Sevenhurtz - Barefoot Bands Presentation

This will be a presentation of the Work Drew Goddard (Karnivool) And Brenton Meynell (Sevenhurtz) have been doing in the desert with the local artists with a giveaway to attendees of cds of the music they have produced. Barefoot Bands came about when Drew Joined Sevenhurtz for the Golden Gift weekend in Leonora. The local musicians joined Sevenhurtz with Drew on Stage and performed their own originals for the first time.


Team Fun lives up to the name. It's all about shaking off the seriousness, letting go of the stress and having a really great time! Danielle and Amy bring their playful energy all the way from tropical Darwin to the stunning Nannup Music Festival.


Learn why singing in harmony makes us feel so good! Plug into the ancientness and science of singing together. Part vocal ups killing, part experiment and a whole lot of fun, tap into your instinctual voice and learn two of the tunes we sing!


Unicorn yoga takes yoga into a land of outrageous fun and multidimensional enlightenment! Over the weekend we will be running laughter workshops and group Acro Yoga. Guaranteed to get your chakra’s spinning, come play, laugh and fly with us!


TRUE SPIRIT REVIVAL is your new favourite way to experience yoga, an epic journey back to the truth of who we are at our deepest level. Imagine your uplifting yoga practice, merged with live music, humour, challenge and connection. Step into the most soulful blend of contemporary grooves, weaved with traditional mantras and paired with heart wisdom. A workshop combination of live sound and a yoga practice fuelled on waves of sound & collective breath, invoking the highest connection to self and awakening of mojo!


Zoe Dimech is a registered psychologist whose practice humbly resolves spirituality with mainstream psychology. Her open-hearted, considerate approach is embedded with the intention to support authentic living by encouraging others to tap into their innate courage and wisdom. Zoe trusts that every one of us is on this earth to expand and evolve, and her compassionate method of practice intends to inspire others to explore and discover their own truth. Rather than trying to blend in with the material world and conform to the status quo, Zoe is committed to inspiring others to explore inwardly to reconnect with their own selves.