Mervyn Mulardy was born in Broome. He grew up most of his life very close to His cultural mentors his father, mother and grandmothers and other cultural bosses.

He comes from the Karajarri people about 180klm south of Broome. He has mastered his cultural authority endorsed by his elders to speak, talk and practice his culture for and Behalf of Karajarri people. Mervyn lives and abides by Karajarri Law and Culture and is fluent in his native tongue

Mervyn also as a young man was exposed to contemporary music which has remained with him into his later life. As a guitarist and songwriter and with all his cultural experiences and qualifications he delves into contemporary field of music whilst writing in his traditional language. He also rejuvenates old ancient traditional songs in a new medium of modern music. This allows a great cross over, modernisation whilst still keeping culture live and strong including language. This appeals to the young and lifts and inspires the  elders. Mervyn when he performs in his full band situation  he calls his conception Yatangal.

Yatangal is a cultural spiritual concept that comes in a dream as a child and transforms into the life-cycle of the Karajarri peoples belief.